About Look Before Opening (LBO)


Cycling is one of the top recreational activities in Australia. In the last 10 years, bicycle purchases have surpassed cars.

Look Before Opening (LBO) was put together by the team at twenty4. We make websites, but we’re also keen cyclists who want to create a safer riding environment for ourselves and others, and that’s where Look Before Opening (LBO) comes in..

LBO was created in response to the number of cyclists being killed or seriously injured due to car dooring – the idea was to provide drivers with a visual cue every time they opened their door, to look out for cyclists. By providing a small – but noticeable – cue in the form of transparent bicycle shaped stickers, drivers are reminded to Look Before Opening.

Buoyed by feedback from our friends and family, we wanted to extend the initiative to the wider community – to not only create a driver awareness program, (from being ‘doored’) but also cyclist safety in general.

Our aim is to increase awareness of cyclist’s safety, so we’re giving away as many stickers for free as we can, and you can grab them here. LBO isn’t only for cars, buy a T-shirt or mug to show your support.


LBO around the globe

We kicked off our campaign in Australia, and in a very short span of time, LBO awareness has reached global stature.

David Whitworth from Beta Creative has witnessed the recent uptake of cycling in New York, particularly in his Brooklyn neighbourhood. He has joined our efforts and taken on the LBO initiative in USA, expanding reach, awareness and sticker presence – David stands on the frontline of stateside domination.

On the other side of the Northern Atlantic, Simon Khalil has shown great interest in taking on the LBO initiative in the U.K. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is a keen cyclist – so we should hopefully see a lot of LBO stickers on cars and black cabs in London soon!

Thanks to this global support, we’ve opened the hatchet in posting stickers to all of our supporters around the world.

More importantly, we’ve had great support since inception. Medibank came on as a LBO sponsor last year, and in 2013 we’re hoping to partner with some great organisations to keep the wheels in motion!

Want to get involved? Contact hello@lookbeforeopening.com